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200 Series Sample Cutter

  • 4 High quality blades for precision cut

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Designed to precisely cut samples of various materials, such as woven, non-woven, knitted fabric, carpet, films or paper.

Typical used to determination weight per unit area of fabric , paper etc.

bluedot For quick cuts with size of 100 cm²
bluedot 4 High quality blades for precision cut
bluedot Includes cutting board and 4 spare blades
bluedot Model 240/100CF is supplied with super-sharp cutting blades optimized for cutting Carbon Fibe
Cutting thickness Model 230/100: max: .4″ (10mm)
Model 240/100: max: .12″ (3mm)
Sample cutout 100 cm²
Weight 3.75 lbs (1700 gr)
Dimensions Ø:165 mm, H: 110 mm

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