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The World-First PID Free Module Certified Under The Condition of 85℃/85% RH
Eagle Series module is world first PID Free module under the condition of 85℃ / 85% RH. It can be used for all applications, especially ideal for installations in regions of high temperature and high humidity. It sets a new standard of reliability and performance for photovoltaic systems. With power classes of up to 260Wp, Eagle is the most powerful 60-cell module of its type available in the market. World’s first double 85 certified PID Free module ensures highest reliability under all extreme conditions

Type:                 PID Free Polycrystalline 60-cell Module
Output:             Up to 270Wp
Efficiency:        Up to 16.50%
Junction Box:  IP67
Weight:             18.5 kg
Temp.:               Coefficients of Pmax -0.40%/℃

  • PID Free Secure Yields of Your System.
  • Polycrystalline 60-cell module achieves a power output up to 270Wp, one of the most powerful modules available in market now.
  • Tested for wind/snow loads up to 5,400 Pa can withstand toughest weather conditions.
  • Thanks to optimized solar cell design and the encapsulation material, new Eagle module demonstrates excellent low light performance.
  • Passing anti ammonia and anti salt mist guarantees that Eagle modules deliver full performance in coastal or agricultural areas.

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