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Fluke 287/FVF FlukeView Forms Combo Kit

  • Includes 287 & FlueView Forms software

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FE 287/FVF
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Maximize productivity with the combined Fluke 287 and FlukeView forms combo kit. Designed for today’s professionals involved in the R & D, maintenance, manufacture and design of electronic circuits or systems. With built-in data logger and TrendCapture (the meters on screen graphical display) cabability,  the 287 helps you track down elusive, intermittent problems or monitor equipment with any of its functions. FlukeView Forms enables you to document, store, and analyze individual readings or series of measurements, overlay logged data to find cause and effect relationships, or turn your data into meaningful graphs and tables for a professional report. The 287/FVF combo kit gives you a practical and affordable approach to documenting circuit design performance.
What’s Included:

  • Fluke-287 True-rms Electronic Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture
  • FlukeView Forms Software and cable
  • 80BK-A Thermocouple Probe
  • CAT III 1000 V 10 A Modular test leads (red, black)
  • CAT III 1000 V 10 A Modular test probes (red, black)
  • CAT II 300 V 5 A Alligator Clips (red, black)
  • C280 Soft Case for meter protection and accessory storage

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