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MR16 – GU5.3 LED Y

  • Product Type:5 W, 3 LEDs
  • Lumen:195 lm - 205 lm
  • Life (L70):25,000 hours

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Our MR16 – GU5.3 LED Lamp low voltage is the most energy-efficient and durable replacement for your 35-watt halogen lamp. The MR16 – GU5.3LED suitable for exchange in the living room comfort in warm white 2700 K and 3300 K, neutral white but also for the work area (4200 K). This lamp lasts 25,000 hours. 
instead of the previously required 35 watts it consumes only 5 watts lamp. You save 85% energy and get the same light.

Product Type: 5 W 3 High Power LEDs
Replacement recommendation: replacing a 35 W – halogen lamp
Energy efficiency: A
Base: GU5.3
Protection class: III
Weight: 43 gr
Location: Interior
Voltage: 12 V
Protection: IP33
Performance: 5 W
Lumen: 195 lm – 205 lm
Angle: 38 ° – 80 °
Life (L70): 25,000 hours (25 years at 2.7 hours / day)
Color temperatures: 2,700 K, 3,300 K (warm white), 4200K (cool white)
Certifications: CE / RoHS (lead free)
Optical radiation: no UV rays, no infrared rays
Other: Suitable non-dimmable, for installation in furniture, suitable for installation on normally inflammable surfaces
Power Supply: i-save-PS020 12V-20W

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