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Portable Yarn Tension & Rate Meter MLT

  • Accurately measures Machine Speed, Yarn Length, Yarn Tension and Yarn Speed, in selectable metric or English units

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The Model MLT WESCO meter is a stand-alone electronic apparatus for accurately measuring and displaying three (3) quality-critical parameters involved in knitting, namely, yarn consumption, yarn tension and yarn speed. All contribute to producing repeatable, uniform quality fabric and products from circular knitting machines with rotating needle cylinders and flat knitting machines, including all body, hosiery and sock machines.

The WESCO MLT displays the Normal, Average and Peak values for yarn tension. All values are shown on an easy to read back-lit LCD display.

A unique, trigger-operated, yarn access system provides easy and sure yarn access and contact with a yarn tension-sensing pin and a yarn speed wheel, while a machine frame-mounted sensor counts revolutions every time a specific, rotating or moving magnetic part passes it, to provide machine RPM and yarn consumption information

This easy-to-use instrument accumulates the data required to produce repeatable, uniform material and products from one machine to the next, even when using different cylinder diameters.

bluedot Accurately measures Machine Speed, Yarn Length, Yarn Tension and Yarn Speed, in selectable metric or English units
bluedot Also displays yarn Normal, Average and Peak Tension values realized during the measuring periodd
bluedot Battery-powered, lightweight and well-balanced for high portability and easy handling
bluedot User can adjust the preset cylinder rotation count from 1 to 100 as desired
bluedot MLT WESCO gauge supplied with Battery Charger, Revolution Sensor, Data Transfer Cable, Sensor Holder, Magnet, Calibration Kit supplied in Carrying Case
Power Supply Two 1.2 V rechargeable NiMH batteries
Battery Charger Primary, 100 to 240 V AC, 47 – 63 Hz; secondary 5 V, 2 A DC
LCD Digital Display 1 to 9,999 metres or inches
Max yarn speed 1,000 m/min or 1100 yd/min
Revolution measuring range 1 to 100 revolutions
Battery Life 50 hours in normal service
Battery stand-by time 300 hours
Yarn tension 0 – 50 cN (normal, average or peak value)
Accuracy ± 1 cm or ± 1 inch

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