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A complete solution for wireless network testing, troubleshooting, and optimization, including LTE drive testing

Mobile operators must troubleshoot and optimize the performance of their wireless networks from rollout through expansion to ensure availability and quality. For this, they need a wireless drive test optimization and troubleshooting tool that can continuously evolve to support today’s and tomorrow’s wireless network technologies while keeping total cost of ownership (TCO) down.

TEMS Investigation is the industry-leading tool for wireless network troubleshooting, verification, optimization, and maintenance of wireless networks. Offering data collection, real-time analysis, and post-processing all in one, TEMS Investigation is a comprehensive solution for all of a network operator’s daily wireless network optimization tasks. This solution eliminates the need for multiple tools, reducing costs and saving time and effort for operations staff.TI Illustration

TEMS Investigation supports all major technologies – GSM/GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA/HSPA+, LTE (including TD-LTE), CDMA, EVDO, WiMAX and TD-SCDMA – and major vendor handsets, making it the ideal solution both for rolling out new networks and for ensuring seamless integration with existing networks. Using TEMS Investigation, operators can achieve improved voice quality, increased accessibility, improved retainability, and better service performance. A wide range of powerful, easy-to-use features makes TEMS Investigation essential throughout the network’s life cycle.

Use TEMS Investigation to:

  • Tune and optimize networks
  • Perform fault-tracing and wireless network troubleshooting
  • Verify true terminal behavior with phone based measurements
  • Verify cell coverage and capacity, as well as accessibility, retainability, and integrity
  • Perform indoor, pedestrian, and outdoor wireless network measurements

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