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Textile Moisture Meter TEM-1

  • High accuracy and repeatability

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he Check-Line TEM-1 textile moisture meter determines the residual moisture in yarn bobbins, fabric folls, filaments, fiber flocks, etc…

The measuring principle of the TEM-1 is based on the electrical conductivity of the material which always bears a fixed relation to the moisture. All changes in resistance inside the measuring ranges of interest are sufficiently pronounced to ensure a high degree of accuracy for the readings obtained with the TEM-1.

The electrical indicating accuracy of the TEM-1 is +/- 0.1% whilst the reproducibility is +/- 0.2% referred of the absolute readings on the meter dial.

TEM-1 Scales

bluedot Easy to use for many applications
bluedot Multiple scale for direct readings for wool, rayon and cotton
bluedot Portable, battery-operated
bluedot 0 -100 scale for comparison tables used for other materials like Polyester, Polyamid and many material mixtures
bluedot High accuracy and repeatability
Measuring ranges Wool: 8 to 24.5% moisture content
Rayon: 3 to 23% moisture content
Cotton: 2 to 12% moisture content
Comparison measurement: 0 – 100 scale
Power 9V battery
Weight 400 g
Dimensions 200 x 250 x 70 mm (L x W x H)

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